Three is the magic number

Yesterday Elon Musk unveiled the design of the new Tesla Model 3.

And this is a remarkable thing. “Why?” You may ask. Well, it means few good things:

  1. Electric cars are the near future, which is as good as is necessary considering climate change and global warming;
  2. Is a good indicator that an electric car can achieve this “buzz” and “trendy” status, owning the media at the same time. Over 100.000 paid pre-orders are the proof;
  3. An affordable and well made electric car is necessary to reach mass-market;
  4. Elon Musk is closest that we have with Tony Stark/Iron Man and for that he deserves to be successful in all his endeavours.

And for all of you that like some features see the image below, there stands out the 346 km autonomy, which is double of the segment standard and the Supercharging Station compatibility that allows Tesla drivers to do long distance travels.

Tesla Model Features
Source: Tesla Motors (

If you still haven’t, check out the complete show that Tesla put out last night.



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